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Healing Circle Recovery
Where Healing Begins

We specialize in serving Native Americans and their communities. Our treatment program and curriculum are developed, designed and delivered by Native Peoples for Native Peoples.

Welcome to Healing Circle Recovery!

We are a State of Arizona licensed behavioral health center providing behavioral health therapy and alcohol and drug abuse/addiction treatment services to Native American clientele.

Native Peoples hold rich cultural traditions and belief systems. Understanding and incorporating Native culture and tradition into behavioral health treatment provides the best opportunity for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction for Native People.

If you, or a loved one, are in need of help, please contact Healing Circle Recovery today to begin the healing  journey today. Reclaim the stronger, better and more confident you.

Healing Circle Recovery, where healing begins.

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Keys To Healing

Recovery for Native Peoples requires cultural understanding and respect. Song, dance, ceremony and traditional ways-of-being are foundational and should be practiced daily.

Identity is another primary component to healing for Native Peoples. Understanding who you are, where you come from, and your connection to your family and community, instills a sense of belonging. A strong sense of identity provides the foundation for self-rediscovery. 

Spirituality is an inherent awareness that tells us there is something more to life than simply what meets the eye. Spirituality is the centerpiece for happiness and fulfillment for Native Peoples. Reconnecting with a higher power is an integral part of recovery.

History, language and tradition continue to be cornerstones of tribal identity. These are essential components in reclaiming our power as Native Peoples.

Our Philosophy

Healing Circle Recovery’s philosophy embraces the strength of culture and spirituality as primary components to recovery for Native Peoples. Focusing on a holistic approach to addiction treatment and recovery, Healing Circle Recovery relies on traditional Native cultural knowledge and teachings, blended with clinical behavioral health approaches, to nurture and strengthen the mind, body and spirit—which is where the healing journey begins.

Native Peoples suffer disproportionately from drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues and many other health disparities. This is why Healing Circle employs a complete wrap-around approach to behavioral health and addiction. Healing Circle Recovery strives to help our relatives heal from the root causes of addiction: intergenerational and historic trauma, epigenetics, loss of land, cultural identity and connection to tribal history.

Healing Circle Recovery: Where Healing Begins

Healing Circle Recovery Center

Licensed Clinical Therapy

Our licensed clinical therapists provide the best counseling services for clients facing a wide range of issues, including: addiction, mental illness, emotional disturbances, social problems or relationship difficulties, among others.

Group Therapy Sessions

One of the most popular and successful of our offerings, our group therapy sessions create an environment where teaching and sharing lead to personal growth, understanding and real connections among our clients.

Supportive Case Managers

Our case managers provide individualized, client focused case management services. This includes connecting clients with resources such as work readiness, life skills, social service programs and employment attainment education.

Housing & Supportive Living 

We offer housing placement assistance, as well as provide our own structured, supportive living opportunities. We understand that clean, safe and comfortable housing is an important part of successful healing and recovery.

Native Programming

Cultural “ways-of-being” are powerful and should be incorporated into all aspects of our lives. Clients have the opportunity to participate in traditional activities such as smudging, sweat lodges, talking circles, singing & drumming, traditional story-telling and use of traditional Native medicines and holistic practices.


A thorough, accurate assessment is one of the most important steps in healing. We provide mental health, as well as alcohol, drug and other addiction assessments.

Safe, Reliable Transportation

We provide clean, safe, insured transportation to and from our center. We also provide clients with rides to appointments, the store and other activities. This speaks to our wrap-around, holistic service approach.

Holistic Healing

Understanding how traditional Native foods and diet, arts and crafts and other activities play into the overall health of the individual, is yet another critical step in healing. We provide ongoing support services and  educational opportunities to help complete the circle. Optimum health includes spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual wellness.

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If you or a loved one are in need of help, please contact Healing Circle Recovery
today. Begin the healing and recovery journey to a stronger, happier and more confident self.

Get Help Now

Contact Us:

(480) 903-1717

(480) 371-6930

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