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Our licensed behavioral health therapists provide assessments, treatment plans, individual one-on-one therapy and an on-going continuum of care. Our certified facilitators lead group therapy sessions that employ Native cultural-based curriculum and programming. The group sessions include smudging, singing/drumming, traditional storytelling and tribal teachings, coupled with proven clinical behavioral health programming and strategies.

Healing Circle Recovery Center focuses on what reinforces the behaviors or actions a person takes, whereas theories of cognition focus on people's perceptions—what they see, hear, and feel—their thoughts, and their emotions.

The human experience of cognition is made up of our perceptions, thoughts, emotions, awareness and understanding. This includes everything that comes into our mind through our senses or through the way we think or feel about our past and/or current experiences.

We help you learn how to identify the beliefs and thought patterns associated with addiction or substance abuse. By learning to spot these negative thoughts, you may be able to take steps to counter them and change your behavior. We call this "raising your awareness." A heightened sense of awareness allows an individual to avoid negative thoughts, behaviors and reactions and in turn, allows for healthier approaches to life's ups and downs.

Our group therapy sessions aren't the typical stand-up, lecture classes often employed in addiction treatment. Our sessions include cultural activities such as talking circles, sweat lodges, attendance at pow-wows and other traditional/ceremonial events.

Sitting through one of our group therapy sessions is more like taking a college course than being in an addiction treatment session. You will learn about how the human mind works, consciousness, manifestation and so much more. What you learn at Healing Circle Recovery can strengthen not only your sobriety but your education, professional development and overall quality of life.

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